Can you plant Hortinno® outdoors after they have been living indoors?

The Home selection is for indoors as the name would suggest but we also have the Evergreen Japonica in various colours, specifically for outdoors. This japonica stays green in the winter - it keeps its leaves well - and it is fairly hardy.

The Hortinno® Home label states 'Flowers for 50 days' - what does this mean?

Research on the flower duration of all Hortinno® Home lines has proven that the plants flower for at least 50 days, hence the ‘flowers for 50 days’ on the label.  This was measured using Hortinno® plants that showed more than 50% of open flowers until the plants had 50% of spent flowers.  Some varieties, such as the Lime, even offer over 12 weeks of flowering pleasure!  All our Hortinno® Home collections are known for their extra-long flowering period. Ideal room temperature <21°c.

How to take care for my Hortinno®?

  • It is always best to buy a colourful Hortinno®. This means that you can see the colour of the buds as soon as they begin to open. At all events these plants give you a guaranteed bloom, even in your living room where they receive less light than in the greenhouse nursery. 
  • During the winter months, the Hortinno® flourishes best in as light a setting as possible. Furthermore, a cooler station means that your Hortinno® will bloom longer.
  • It is important to water your Hortinno® every 2 to 3 days so that the plant can stand in 3cm of water. This gives the plant the chance to absorb the required water. However, on the next day, you should tip out any remaining excess water.
  • The Hortinno® does not need any fertiliser.  

Which assortment has Hortinno® to offer?

Our range currently includes a Home selection, with a series of azaleas for indoors, and a Garden selection with japonicas and rhododendrons for outdoors. Discover more in this video !